Hello Stranger!

I’m a computational designer and architect. I work every day developing new solutions/processes for the AEC industry.

Here you will find new trends and innovative solutions that are currently being develop in the construction industry


So, if you are that type of passionate person who works in construction and you are all the time looking for new solutions and improvements this is the place for you.




We will go from the initial idea to the actual construction process and maintenance of the building.

I think that we cannot innovate if we don’t start thinking of the lifecycle as a whole is the key and not small separate parts of the industry being improved by people who only think in their small box and not in the other links of the process.


The Technology has been evolving a lot in the last 100 years and even more in the las 10 years. It seems yesterday the day when everybody started using Smart Phones, but given this situation it seems really strange that we haven’t almost change the way we build in the AEC industry.

Yes, some will say that the technology we use, like Cranes, Drones, 3Dmodels,BIM, Lean Construction, etc., etc., is changing all, but that is the thing, even with all these new innovations we’ve not changed the way build, this can clearly be appreciated in the way we manage or even the materials we still use in our buildings.




It is now banal in the extreme to say that we are living in a rapidly changing world, and it can be misleading too. The challenge is to understand that things are not only getting faster, but also more volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous.

So, given the way we are used to live we think that the progress is just a little bit faster than a few years before so we feel like this:



But as Patrick Hollingworth stated in his book “The light and Fast organization”, there are three forces (People, Places and Technology) that combined are creating a perfect storm, where changes are not going to be as they always have been, and in the end, we are about to deal with the following situation:



So, don’t fear, but instead, embrace the change and start following me. I will give you many useful tools that you will need to survive in our industry!



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